Over 80 MILLION Mobile Numbers are available across Nigeria for advert.

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At SMSArena, we help busineses and individual to express their desires through a cost effective mobile advertisement. Our platform had been active for some years and now widely used within & outside the State.

In other to serve you better, we have upgraded our platform to accommodate more activities like Airtime Recharge, Cable TV Sub. & SME Data at CHEAPER rate . All these are now possible in your account using same unit of sms purchased. We are located at the heart of Osun State. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or drop suggestions into our mail box. BIG Thanks.

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Why Choose SMSArena?

Prompt Delivery
Our platform delivers
SMS instantly to all networks.

You can check individual SMS report with live status.

Developer API
We provides standard API to programmers & our re-sellers.

SMS Schedule
Are you extremely busy, just schedule SMS according to your preferable time.

The Best Interface
Our platform is responsive, you can access your account on any gadget.

Free Support
Do Contact Us! We are available 24hrs with prompt response both online and offline.

Our Services

We cater for your daily need.

How it Works!

Messages you sent through our Normal Route will deliver to all number but will definitely exclude those Numbers with Do-Not-Disturb (DND) being activated on their lines. You are also privilege to customize your Sender’s ID with your desired name or Brand name. And this is far cheaper.

On Corporate Route, message delivers to ALL NUMBERS irrespective of their status. Please note that you can as well use your desired Sender’s ID here, but may display default sender’s ID like “rUPDATE” or “info” or “rNotify” on DND lines instead and display correct ID on other networks.


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